Dec 2 2011

Before and After


Below are two presentations I made for the HIST 5V71 – Digital Humanities course at Brock University. The first is about my major research project. The second is about how the course impacted my project. These presentations were not built to stand alone, so I’ll write a little bit about each. If you can’t figure out what is going on, let me know in the comments or send me a Tweet @robertssw87

First Presentation

The idea behind my project is an augmented reality mobile app that brings history to the highways and byways as people travel past historical sites or places with significant history. Such an app would have to incorporate the fundamentals of scholarly research and tradition, but also engage users with the history, and ask them to contribute their own knowledge and experiences of the space. Though I would provide what historical information I can, the app would present a comprehensive history of a space. The question I face is whether history can be presented through such an app, and what impact it would have on the discipline if historical spaces became communal and collaborative. Numerous scholars, such as James Paul Gee and Dan Cohen, have written about collaboration, and the need for scholars to revise their understanding of scholarship and the academy. After I’ve built my app, I’ll need to examine it and defend it in my research paper, and upon these and other scholars I will base my arguments.



Final Presentation

The following is taken from my final paper for HIST 5V71:

The course not only highlighted new tools with which to accomplish the goals of my proposal, but also provided a formal introduction to scholarly work in digital humanities upon which my research project relies. The HIST 5V71 course was essential to my major research project because it introduced the scholarly contexts for each component of my project and the conversations to which my final paper will contribute.

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